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Annapurna Self-Sustaining Orphan Children Home Nov 2012.m4v
Some glimpses into our 'Home', filmed November 2012 by Kira Kay. Our children are growing and developing in various ways. Sarada continues to expand her holistic vision of our...
Annapurna Self Sustaining Children Home _ the little ones_ March 2011.m4v
Here is Sristi, Sushila, Srijana, Sagar & Sofal - with mother Krishna - playing a game with Nemo cards! This is filmed spontaneously at our HandswithHands children Home -...
Annapurna Self Sustaining Children Home October 2010
A introduction to Annapurna self-sustaining Orphan Children home, located in Nepal. Filmed and narrated by Kira Kay in October 2010. For more details visit www.handswithhands.com
Annapurna Self-Sustaining Children Home March 24, 2011
First day of school holidays and of course lots of excitement and fun! The kids are playing a game called "Fire in the Mountain"
Annapurna Sarangkot trip 3 2011
Taking the children out on a picnic to a lookout in Sarangkot high above our home with views down to the lake and the city of Pokhara in the...
Annapurna - Mainpal Drs visit March 2011.m4v
Annapurna self-sustaining Children Home - visit from students and professors of community medicine, Manipal medical teaching hospital. The Dean of Manipal teaching hospital provides free medical treatment to our...
Annapurna Self Sustaining Orphan Children Home in Nepal
Giving the Net not the Fish A introduction to the self sustaining principles behind this Children Home, located in Nepal. Produced and made by Roman Karpinski...
7 results - showing 1 - 7