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Het initiatief om de stichting “Hands with Hands” op te richten is in 2001 genomen. Toen hebben een aantal vrienden, vnl. Kira Kay, Dipendra KC, Rafael Ebner, Coen Völker, Nina Legnar, en wat later Elizabeth Smith, de handen ineengeslagen en besloten mensen in Nepal te helpen een betere toekomst op te bouwen, niet door hen geld en voedsel te geven, maar om basisvoorwaarden te scheppen om in hun eigen onderhoud en ontwikkeling te voorzien. En zo gezamenlijk een betere toekomst te verwezenlijken.


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Rebuilding Nepal “Give the net, not the fish”, Hands with Hands - October 2015

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Earthquake Rebuilding

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All our team and supporters are probono workers for HandswithHands. 

The strongest earthquake since 80 years hit Nepal April 25th, 2015 with hundreds of aftershocks that still continue today. The magnitude of destroyed homes, schools, health facilities and businesses is massive - more than 650,000 Homes and 33,000+ school rooms completely destroyed, with many more damaged. Luckily all people and children from HandswithHands projects are safe, although some of our buildings have also been badly damaged.

Kira Kay was in the country during the shake. She remained closely in touch with our Nepal teams who provided essential emergency support and Kira now helping coordinate rebuilding efforts that include training local builders in earthquake resilient technology using local materials.

 For some insights about the current situation in Nepal by Kira read here.

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