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Update From Kira in Kathmandu Valley & Sindhulpalchok District

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Having spent now some days here in Nepal, in Kathmandu valley plus days out in Sindhulpalchok District I am feeling powerfully moved. Thankful to return & see the resilience of the Nepali people plus also feel & see the devastation present still. Yet as we drove yesterday through the monsoon rains there appeared a rainbow & this reminded me that after every storm is a new beginning as the sun returns - I am thankful to be connected to so many, many Nepal friends & communities directly supporting one another during this time & feeling thankful to be a bridge for many helping hands around the world as we support schools & families to rebuild not only their homes & schools but also their dignity, livelihoods & optimism. I spent the last few days sharing heart to heart with school principals & community leaders in 17 schools - 90% of their buildings are gone - yet their determination to support in their communities very alive & strong! In the coming days/weeks I will be sharing more about how we all can be of support - in this moment I share simply a few pictures that for me captured some of the spirit of resilience the past few days ... 
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