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Bhaktapur Self-Sustaining Children Home – upgraded temporary shelter.

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I have been learning new depths of patience and its accompanying vulnerabilities the last months, it is nice therefore to feel rewarded with some good news! This week our durable, sturdy Domo tents were finally released from the customs (thank you so much Neel & Bikash for all your amazing work to make this happen!) Thank you Daniel Kerber for your innovative Domo tent product! ( Our children at Bhaktapur Self-Sustaining Children Home in Sipadol village now have more space and comfort in their temporary home while we continue to take steps to rebuild/reengineer our damaged buildings that will take quite some months to accomplish given the continued aftershocks and consequent risks. A small step that took many hands – thank you all who have contributed! I also am truly thankful for the ongoing dedication of Riya, Rupak, Saroja and Amma as well as our house mothers, Jamuna, Moia & Gita for their hard work in taking care of 23 children in such difficult circumstances - I am thinking of you all every single day with so much appreciation!

I am sure I will develop further depths of patience in the months to come as I continue to collaborate with my Nepali friends in various rebuilding projects. The initial drama of the earthquake has passed, however the aftermath of rebuilding - not only homes but also infrastructure, schools, libraries and of course the economy will take time and continued support. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped in so many ways the last months, your contributions are continuing to be a gift in others lives .