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Setting up student housing hostel in conjuction with TEAM Nepal and Talamarang upper secondary school

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During the earthquake many of the schools in the Sindhulpalchok district were completely destroyed, at some of the schools even the land upon which the buildings had been is split/damaged and may not be able to be built upon again. Schools that have safe ground HandswithHands has helped where we can to build temporary structures to ensure classes can resume. Together with TEAM Nepal we have created a temporary student hostel to house up to 200 students that can attend Talamarang upper secondary school that now has well built temporary classrooms to accommodate a wider intake of students. We are thankful for the collaboration with More-than-Shelters (Daniel Kerber) for these specially constructed Domo tents that are durable and long lasting. As we envision this temporary hostel will into the future become a permanent residential hostel the dome tents are designed specifically to become permanent structures into the future. There is a full-time team living on the premises to care for the children and we have built a dedicated kitchen and dining area as well as toilet and shower facilities. This creates a safe place for children to continue their studies under the supervision and care of the local teachers of Talamarang school.
(Also a big thank you to the volunteer organisation that helped with setting up the tents as well as clearing significant landslide obstacles to get the truck of tents on location!)