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Empowering local people & communities

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Imagine for a moment your house has crumbled around you & your family, as has almost every other house in your community, due to a powerful earthquake - now some months later the options for rebuilding are A) rebuild the same unsafe way; B) build according to *safe* methods involving resources not available in your community & if you can get them they are very expensive, 4-5 times more than the government grant offered; or C) being shown new skills how to use local resources (clay, bamboo, wood, stone) in safe ways and given the use of tools and technical engineered designs to properly build, not only your own home but also to help your neighbors, the local school, health post & more?

 Yup, I am supporting option C)

Not only does this empower local people & communities, it also educates about the environment, sustainability & helps evolve healthy local economies providing a dignified approach to rebuilding after such a major crisis.

I had the pleasure to witness & be a part of this natural approach towards rebuilding in Nepal the past weeks as community leaders & eco-builder (Nripal Adhikary / Abari ) came together in Sindhulpalchok with the guidance of TEAM Nepal (Neel & भारत बिरोधी) to discuss the reality of this natural resource initiative. These first steps are very positive - good mud suitable for compressed earth bricks is easily present, community open & interested plus strong support of the community elders.

 My charity, Hands with Hands, will be financially supporting this initiative - help me/us support rebuilding in Nepal - earthquake safely, with local resources, professional skills & with dignity Smile

You can donate by:
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