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The repairs are steadily continuing at our Bhaktapur Children Home

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The work is progressing steadily with the engineered repairs for our Home damaged in the 2015 Earthquake. Firstly the foundations have been dug out deeply and refitted with additional supports. We were praying while the foundation was exposed that there would be no major after shock as this was a very vulnerable time of the repairs. Thankfully that part has now completed this past week with the cementing of the foundations section, so we are breathing deeply as the next section begins! Next the iron re-enforcing and brickwork will continue. There is a team of up to 19 men working every day on our houses, even with this it is taking time. We do hope that the main work will be completed by end of June so that our children can be safely indoors during the next monsoon season. Our children are doing very well under the circumstances, including doing well in the recent exams! Kira Kay will be traveling to Nepal in March/April and will be giving a direct update from our Home in Sipadol village then. In the meantime we are thankful for all the work of the Thapa family who manage the Home and coordinate the extensive repairs. We still require additional funds to continue the repairs – any amount is welcomed!