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Dashain festival at Bhaktapur

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Dashain festival here in Nepal is a wonderful celebration of families coming together - on the 10th day the elders give a Tikka/blessings to younger members in the family symbolising good health, abundance & renewal of family/community ties. I celebrated with our Bhaktapur Orphan Home family in Sipadol village where we are now back in our Home newly structurally repaired after the earthquake damage but still in need of LOTs of finishing, like plumbing, electrics, fittings, flooring, painting BUT !!! It was so awesomely home feeling to be back in a solid building after 1 &1/2 year in tents :-) Riya & Rupak you are totally with us in our hearts here! And so, so many friends thank you for the helping hands for us to get this far - with your generous hands we would still be wetly celebrating under canvas!