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Celebrating Bhai Tikka during Tihar festival with our wonderful family

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Bhai Tikka is one of the main days of Diwali celebrations in Nepal. On this day, also know as "Brother and Sister day", sisters conduct a blessing ceremony and pray to Yamraja for her brother's long life and prosperity. The sisters also prepare special treats for their brothers and gift him this during the ceremony and the brother returns his sister a blessings along with money to ensure she has what she needs in her life. The national astrologer gives the appropriate time to put the tikka
through the national radio a day before and the entire nation abides by it so millions of Nepalese celebrate and perform this ceremony around the country at the same time. It is always a delight to be celebrating Bhai Tikka with all our children and mothers from Annapurna Children Home, and it has special meaning for our children who come together in our big "family", often from traumatic and difficult backgrounds, to have this safe and culturally appropriate setting to enjoy such rituals.