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Eco-rebuilding earthquake resiliently - Part 1

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Our project with Team Nepal and Abari to enable villagers to rebuild their own homes safely is underway! The on-the-job training is happening while building a two classroom building at Gyaltham, Melamchi tertiary Campus where we are co-creating with the villagers a tool library/workspace that will continue past the building to enable the villagers to access tools along with the knowledge to rebuild safely. We have now obtained all the relevant government permissions and clearances and our Team has been busy purchasing the tools that will be required. We are all very excited with the community participation project in Sindhulplachok district, one of the most affected districts from the 2015 earthquake, where very little rebuilding has occurred. Our hope and vision is that giving the knowledge and tools to the local villagers, as well as our encouragement, we can be an active part of healthy rebuilding efforts.