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Study time at our Annapurna Children Home

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We consider education to be a very important element of our children's development support. Having a good quality education gives them more options as they enter adult life. Especially as our children already have multiple disadvantages because of their early background a quality education can be a bridge to a better future. Each child is unique and has a potential. We explore with the child their interests and support them into further studies or skill development as they complete their basic school education. We wish our children to become healthy contributing adults in their community. To this end our oldest girl is completing her 3 year of staff nursing degree (living in at the hospital to do this) our next eldest is undertaking a bachelor of business study and another is partaking a beautician training. Each of them also help and contribute about our home and organic farm in support of their younger bothers and sisters and house mothers – we truly are a ‘family’.