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Microcredit AGM - Chitwan November 2018

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I am once again deeply touched, inspired & encouraged by witnessing the empowerment that has unfolded the past 13 years with our women friends involved in microcredit and skills development in Chitwan, Nepal. Today (Nov 16) I was gifted a "Token of Love" at the annual general meeting of our microcredit cooperative - which illuminates my understanding of what has unfolded 💕 We believed in the illiterate and poorest women, that they had the intelligence and capacity to lift themselves out of poverty into being contributing members in their community. They have far surpassed my expectations and continue to inspire my/our efforts to uplift other women. When we support one another, when we believe in our innate capacity and more importantly - when we come together to support one another - miracles do happen! 💖 We had the pleasure of listening to heartening talks by various members of our cooperative who are succeeding in many areas in the wider community from international Tai Quan Dao competitions, village/Ward representation, successful business development and more - wow! 💥 And then we made our way back to our hotel in one of our members' auto-rickshaw (she has upgraded from one single bicycle rickshaw previously to having an auto rickshaw and additional drivers!) If you would like to help us continue creating opportunities for skill development, trainings & microcredit outreach please be in touch or donate