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Happy Nepali New year 2076

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A heartfelt happy Nepali New year 2076 to all our friends. We wish all of us a joyful, abundant and successful year! Our girls visited the Bindhyabasini Temple early in the morning and our boys went for a very early morning (they left at 3,20am!) hike up to the Peace Stupa to watch the sun rise - all of them arriving back for breakfast feeling very blessed! We have also enjoyed a lovely New Years Day program provided by the Manipal Medical Teaching college 1st & 2nd year Doctor students - they converted one of their classrooms into a cinema and screened "Finding Dory" and provided some yummy snacks too! Plus the Sri Lankan students have also same New Year and they provided us with new sports equipment and played with our children on their big playing fields before driving us home in their college bus - a wonderful day, and a big thank you! We look forward to meet many of you our friends this Nepali year 2076.