Rafael Ebner (Vienna, Austria)

So far, I have been to Nepal twice.
Both trips have been unforgettable, full of new experiences. The mix is very rich and the bandwidth of what is expecting you in Nepal is wide. From experiencing life in the incredible city of Kathmandu with nepali friends to walking through remote villages of the Himalayas with trekking mates from all over the planet.

Things that our western mind has long forgotten can be remembered, for example the fact that a comfortable, affluent lifestyle isn't a guarantee for happiness. Here, in the midst of incredibly hard conditions, there's still always a smile, time for a cup of tea and care for others. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have an in-depth experience of the country, local people of all walks of life and especially those lovely children. Visiting the diverse "hands with hands" projects for me opened up so many new perspectives and possibilities of giving back.
thank you Kira, Dipendra and all the others who have made my trips so memorable!