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Who we are?

This Hands-with-Hands initiative has emerged since 2001 from the collaboration of several friends, primarily Kira Kay, Sharada Basnet, Shila Pandey, Ram KC, Riya & Saroja Thapa, Neel Shahi, Bikash Shahi, Rafael Ebner, Coen Völker, Nina Cejnar and more recently, Elizabeth Smith.

All our team and supporters are pro bono workers for HandswithHands and also cover their extra expenses (e.g. for traveling) themselves. All funds go directly to the people of Nepal who are most in need, not to big organisations or government bodies which have potential for corruption. With this, 100% of donations arrive where they are most needed.

The intention of HwH projects and website is to provide the opportunity for many hands to join together creating synergy and support, “giving the net, not the fish” and in this way creating empowering opportunities and development for everyone involved – thus together we are Building Better Futures.