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Our History

Words by Kira Kay, initiator and founder of HwH

When I first traveled to Nepal in 1995, I was deeply struck by the obvious fact that people there (and in many other places) may lack in education, material wealth, practical infrastructure and resources, yet these are human beings with an innate desire for growth I left with an inner decision to return and contribute in a constructive, supportive way to that natural growth.

In 2001, I found myself once more in Nepal, this time volunteering and assisting in a complicated situation involving mismanagement of funds, rampant misunderstandings, and general chaos! In amidst the chaos, however, I met Dipendra K.C., a young Nepali man with a commitment to working differently in such situations. From this connection our vision of Give the Net, Not the Fish was born. Naturally evolving to include a variety of people with a like minded vision.

Since that time we have acted on this basic principal, collaborating step by step with Nepali individuals and communities. As our collaborations have expanded so has our need for practical structure and support from others, and this natural growth process has evolved into what you see today.  This amazing journey has deepened my belief that human beings truly can work, live, play and evolve and grow together with greater sensitivity and caring with one another.