Sound experience - Fundraiser for Nepal

Saturday 17 June 2017, 06:30pm

 Sound travel gong, sound cups, sansula, monochord, rainmaker ...

Sound experience - Fundraiser for Nepal

Sound travel gong, sound cups, sansula, monochord, rainmaker ...

"Find the sound that never goes away, seek the sun that never goes down." Rumi

In a sounding experience, gongs, the sansula, the corner, the strings of the monochord are sounded with many sound boxes, bells, and more in the room.

The oscillation of the gong is like a powerful wave. Its rich sound reminds us of hidden cosmic vastness within ourselves, the sound shells are mysterious, deep and delicate at the same time, that of the monochord suspect "angels" and the Sansula touches the heart.
The vibrations produce healing and harmonizing sounds, which lead us beyond space and time, touch deep inside, whoever surrenders, feels light-awake and deeply relaxed.
There are soft mats available, so that the sounds can be physically relaxed and felt.

There are 3 events:

Sun.26, June 2017, 6 pm

Sat. 22, June 2017, 6.30 pm

2 events today - Sun. 23rd June 2017, 10am & 6pm

Soundplay: 60 min.
Contribution: Donation to Nepal (proceeds to handswithhands)
Registration required

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