What happens if I cancel my placement?

If you cancel your trip/volunteering prior to actually commencing the placement there is no fee charged. Once you have begun your placement there is no refund possible, all funds are handed to the host family/project on arrival to placement and will not be refunded unless there is a significant reason (e.g. due to family illness you have to return to your home country). Please note that your intention to volunteer does mean that the local community will have prepared for you and budgeted outside their normal expenses to accommodate a western person.

What are the extra costs I have to pay for?

  • You will be responsible for your own flight ticket to Nepal
  • Nepal visa fees that are as follows (check with your embassy for the latest fee structure):

Nepal visa fees:

US$ 25 or equivalent foreign currency for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 15 days.
US$ 40 or equivalent foreign currency for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days.
US$ 100 or equivalent foreign currency for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 100 days.

  • Internal travel costs
  • Personal travel and sightseeing (trekking, jungle safari etc)
  • Incidentals (food, laundry, internet access, telephone, drinks)
  • Insurance - please ensure you are adequately insured, including medical insurance before leaving your country
  • Any medical costs you may incur and associated costs.

It is likely that you may wish to spend more time in Kathmandu pre and post placement period, perhaps to experience trekking and sightseeing etc., please remember to budget accordingly! Although Hands-with-Hands can assist you to organise additional activities, the cost of additional activities will not be covered by your volunteer fees. Additionally, volunteers are responsible for any incidentals (extra food, laundry, sodas, emails etc.) incurred during training and placement.

We also provide help organizing trekking, rafting and jungle safaris - and for volunteers some of these activities are offered at a special discounted price. Where possible we will recommend local guides from our different placements to ensure they are given the opportunity to earn money and you are given value for money. This supports you to have a rich and rewarding 'local' experience.


(Unless you have volunteered with us before a one-day orientation program is compulsory)

One day program (approx. 4-5 hours) including introduction to Nepal customs and culture, formal Nepali language lesson followed by practical application while sight-seeing in Kathmandu with traditional Nepalese lunch. Cost = €40

For a three day program = €100 (additional two days include Nepali language lesson, followed by practical application while visiting other areas of interest, approx. 3-4 hours each day)

(The above orientation program cost is paid directly to the language/cultural teacher and guide)

Cash payment only is accepted for fees and orientation - can be made in Euro, US Dollars, English Pound Sterling, Australian dollar or Nepali Rupees. If made in foreign currency you will be supported to exchange it to local Nepali Rupees before embarking on your volunteer placement.

A unique feature of our Hands-with-Hands volunteer program is our cost structure and payment. We have endeavored to make the payment structure simple and transparent so that you as the volunteer feel both empowered by the giving of your funds and the knowledge of what costs what.

We also ask that you pay your fees directly to the host family and projects in Nepal. Our organization HwH does not take any of the money. What we outline here as costs reflect our experience of a balanced exchange, we hope that this creates a feeling of trust between the volunteer and their respective volunteer placement. Please know that your presence in a host family will incur for them additional costs, therefore we have made this guide.

Hands-with-Hands volunteer Program suggested Costs (Euros)

  • 3 weeks or less = €250
  • 4 weeks = €300
  • 5 weeks = €350
  • 6 weeks = €400

Costs for longer time period of volunteering costs we discuss individually in respect of the project(s) and your overall intended stay in Nepal. Additionally, if you are a person on limited income please contact us individually for concessions, we offer these fees as a constructive guideline to help all parties.

Some projects may have special needs and may be more expensive, however the above fees reflect the majority of our programs.

What is included in your volunteer cost?

From the start day of volunteer placement, all of your accommodation, 3 local meals a day, and basic training/orientation on location of your placement. In some situations transport to the volunteer location will be provided, although generally you will be required to pay your own bus/taxi fare to the location point. The fee includes also a contribution to the project, for example, if you volunteer for four weeks in a village school approximately €100 will be for your host family (accommodation and food) and €200 will be towards the school for their ongoing needs. The exact breakdown will vary from project to project and this will be discussed and explained to you before you embark to you placement.


Children homes

we have a variety of opportunities to volunteer in children homes, ranging from traditional orphanages to innovative self-sustaining homes. Duties within the homes vary according to the location and needs but generally include helping take care of the children, cleaning, cooking, and supporting the children with their homework or studies. Locations include Kathmandu central and valley;Terai and Pokhara.


we have schools in various regions, including villages in rural areas that enjoy having volunteers. Duties include support in English teaching (you don't need to have any teaching experience). If you have special skills or qualifications in teaching we can offer more formal classes and you can work directly with teachers to expand their teaching skills. Locations include Kathmandu central and valley;Helambu, Pokhara and Annapuraand Far Western Nepal for the adventurist.

Adult Education

we have opportunities in a few adult education and literacy programs. One option is to teach English to Porters to improve their options and lifestyle. Another one is to teach English and life skills to women who have been disadvantaged. For this option formal teaching qualifications are not required but proficiency in English is. Curriculum is provided in both cases. These options are located in Kathmandu and Pokhara. If you have certified teaching qualifications it is possible to also teach in adult colleges in a variety of subjects, contact us for more possibilities on this.


We are privileged to have partnerships with various banking and economic/commerce organisations, including microcredit cooperatives. Be in touch directly for further information if this is of interest to you.

Health Facilities

we have options for those of you who are certified and registered Health Practitioners in your own country. Depending on your qualifications and the time you wish to volunteer, we can assist you in having an experience working within the Nepal Health care system. This can range from rural Health Posts in village areas to hospitals in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Alternatively, if you are a group of practitioners we can arrange for a rural Health camp to be arranged in a remote village in the mountain areas.

Environmental Projects

from time to time there is the possibility to join an environmental project in a village area. These are dependent on outside circumstances and not always available. Generally a good ability to work with the land and communities plus preferably some experience or training in environmental aspects is required.

Human Rights

from time to time there is the opportunity to volunteer with local Nepali Human Rights and Child Welfare organisations. Generally this is administrative type of work with some opportunity to travel and see the field operations of their activities.