Emergency Relief Nepal

Written by Kira Kay on .

Dear All, Nepal needs all our hands and help! The earthquake, that just hit, was the strongest one in the country after 80 years, and the country and people are in big pain. 

Luckily all HandswithHands team, children and friends have survived the shake, and most of them are already up and giving many hands to people in need. Each one helps as s(he) can with shelters, medical supplies, emotional support and many more things. Kira was also in nepal during the shake, and is in touch with all local people, she knows how and whom to support.

Now they also need our support, every smaller and bigger contribution helps. The most easy way for us is via a donation into the handswithhands, click the here for all details.

For our friends from US, UK, and China we have also created a way to donate tax-exempt, under the platform sharedImpact, please click here for all details.

And if you have any other resources, projects and network whom you might think is good to collaborate, please contact as directly. 

Many thanks and lots of love to you all!