Temporary Schools in Sindhuli

Written by Kira Kay on .

With the efforts of Sibjan & SMILES, 3 schools in Sindhuli district are now benefited by bamboo buildings that serve as temporary school rooms for children to continue their studies. Having children back in school is truly an important need – Education is a vital key for children to unlock their own potential and effectively engage in their communities, environment and society, to create healthy futures. Educating children, especially the encouragement of girls in schools, directly benefits entire future communities and the whole country of Nepal. Having no school for an extended period can mean many children will drop out of school and not return, leaving them open to exploitation and with fewer future options. Schools provide a regulated place for the children to be, especially as many of their family homes are not safe. Additionally, teachers and local community members associated with schools support children and parents to be aware of child trafficking dangers which is an increased risk post earthquake.