Distribution of essential college text books at Melamchi Valley campus

Written by Kira Kay on .

In the Sindhulpalchok district the earthquake impact destroyed more than 85% of homes and schools. HandswithHands has been collaborating with communities and schools with the help of TEAM Nepal in this District for almost 15 years. Since the earthquake one of our key impact focus points has been schools and education – creating safe spaces for children to continue their education not only alleviates short-term trauma but it also contributes to the longer term health and well-being of individuals and communities.

In July we collaborated with Melamchi Valley campus, a college that offers bachelor degree in education and social sciences – essentially creating the next teachers in the district. Not only were the homes of most of the students destroyed but also their college books and materials. HandswithHands provided textbooks and notebooks for more than 200 students to continue their studies. In discussion with the college faculty in June, Kira understood the need to provide incentive for the students to continue their studies given the difficult circumstances post-earthquake. The cost of providing the essential textbooks per student was only €15 each. It may not seem much but for many of these people taking care of their basic survival given all that they have lost, textbooks simply were not high on the priority list. The provision of these textbooks has given the students motivation and hope for the future as well as a safe place to come together - that too is a healing development!