Wonderful day visiting our children at Bhaktapur Orphan Home

Written by Kira Kay on .

Wonderful day visiting our children at Bhaktapur Orphan Home Bhaktapur - some of children still have one more day of exams & then school holidays begin for 15 days - so tomorrow we will be planning some celebratory outings that includes fun & new experiences! The repairs to our Homes are going really well - still quite some work to complete the structural repairs as they are essentially rebuilding from the inside out. Seeing the work in reality I feel very confident we made the right choice as it looks even stronger than the photos convey. Within the next month they will begin rebuilding the walls in reinforced way once all the pillars are completed. Thank you to everyone who has been helping fund this massive repair work - not only is it helping repair our Homes but it is also giving good example to other people with broken houses, and that would be approximately 40% of all houses in Kathmandu valley ... so yes, a lot more reconstruction work in Nepal required! For now however I am feeling really good with the progress so far and super happy to see the smiles on our children's faces and to see that the big Domo tents have survived well our everyday use and providing safe living space while our repairs continue.