Dining room, kitchen and Bio-gas upgrades at our Annapurna Children Home

Written by Kira Kay on .

With our expanding family (we now have 33 children & 5 live in mothers) our daily needs have been also expanding. The last several months we have created a covered dining room that adjoins the kitchen, enabling expansion of the kitchen facilities and we have added in a chimney so that we can use indoor fire cooking instead of outside. The covered dining room doubles also as a bigger study room space for our dedicated students! Additionally we built in a bigger bio-gas facility that uses the pee & poop of our cows and buffalos to create methane gas that we can use for cooking. Since the installation we have used 70% less purchased LPG gas! This is really helpful as we aim to be self-sustaining as much as we can and the methane gas for cooking and the natural organic fertiliser that is also an outcome is such a help by reducing costs and creating a supply of what we really need.