Moving time at our Annapurna Children Home

Written by Kira Kay on .

There is still plenty to be done, however it looks promising that the main part of the move will be completed in the next two weeks.
As some of you already know we have to move from the house we have been living since we started our home. Our future vision is to build earthquake safe and sustainable buildings on our organic farm land, but that will take time & money and the family owner of the original house needed it now - so we are moving!!

This last week has been busy making renovations and repairs to our new house and we have plenty of helping hands (well sometimes they may be more cheeky than helping?!) but overall we are all very excited to move to our next place. Thank you to everyone who has helped us.
The new house is only a short distance from our old house and will provide us a safe and spacious Home for the next few years as we bring about our longterm visions to build on our own land - which we hope to achieve in the next 2-3 years time.