Celebrating Earth Day in Nepal

Written by Kira Kay on .

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2017 - by visiting our building projects in Sindhulpalchok, one of the most affected regions in the 2015 earthquake, with a good news story of our Earth based rebuilding projects that are being made from Earth, literally.

Our key points in this after-earthquake-building project are:
1) “On the job training" to skill local villagers to build their own homes - giving them the tools and skills they need to build safe.
2) Use of local materials - earth/mud, bamboo/wood as much as possible to enhance sustainability & reduce costs.
3) Earthquake resilient building technology, easy to learn and use.
4) Meeting government approvals & engineering requirements (enables villagers to access government grants for building).
5) Providing culturally appropriate building styles that look great!

A big thank you to Nripal Adhikary & his team at Abari for doing all the technology ground work & ongoing supervision for this type of rebuilding in Nepal. And a big thank you to Neel, Bikash & Rajan of TEAM Nepal for their local coordination and implementation of this initiative.