Rebuilding schools safely & empowering communities

Written by Kira Kay on .

Our school college building in Gyaltham village Sinhulpalchock is almost complete – some electrical wiring and handles for doors and windows and then it will be is use as the next term starts after the upcoming elections. We are feeling thankful that this initiative which has been training local village workers how to build using compressed earth bricks and bamboo in earthquake resilient method under the guidance of ABARI eco building team is now showing benefits. We have this lovely school building as well the village workers are truly understanding that this technology is a safe and cheaper way to build their own homes. We have another school building project that will begin in 2018 in another village that we hope will continue to inspire and teach local communities in this earthquake affected District to rebuild safely. Meanwhile we continue to various support schools in the Sindhulpalchok District with education materials and school sweaters and shoes.