Our Mirco-Credit Celebratory 10th Anniversary AGM Picnic in Sauraha, Chitwan Nepal

Written by Kira Kay on .

I am feeling inspired, uplifted & with my heart overflowing. Today was spent celebrating with women friends in Chitwan - some whom I met already 13 years ago. We began back then with a small step of supporting women to uplift their life situation - after an initial pilot phase we evolved into a sustainable legal structure for the long term. Today we celebrated the 10 years AGM of our official Shree Uday Savings and Credit cooperative, the basis of our microcredit and skill development in Jutpani, Chitwan. Yay!!! It has been such a heart warming journey to witness these women (& a few men too!) discover their potential. 💫 As I watched these empowered and confident women today share their stories, speak in public, arranging this entire picnic AGM program utilising so much from our own members - including vehicles transporting people, eggs, meat and vegetables all from our own entrepreneurs. Witnessing also the next generation stepping up and utilising these evolved benefits and even more importantly co-creating a supportive and empowering environment for the next children rising up. I am touched and heartened that the original women from our very first outreach had the courage to trust and explore their capability with the guidance of Shila Pandey & Ram Kc and pave the way for the success we celebrated today. It has taken many hands joining together to support this development and many small steps over the years - I heartfully thank every person who has contributed and supported us all in this ! May you feel the blessings 🌟 flowing through my words here with profound gratefulness 💕 Enjoying the dancing with everyone today I made a wish that we continue this dance of supporting and working together well into the future 💕