Mamu Sarada's birthday & picnic

Written by Kira Kay on .

 Saturday Picnic! 💕 A quiet forest location with a secluded lake that we shared with only a few other families - thankfully we managed to get the largest and best spot for our extended big family! A picnic in Nepal is quite an experience and takes a lot of preparation and planing 💫 We take along everything, including firewood, pots & pans, drinking water and all food items needed and plates and, and!!! We piled everything into the bus (thank you again to our Pragati school for allowing us the use of the bus and your cook) plus all our children, extra friends, some of our board members plus we stopped to pick up Hajur Amma 💖 oh and of course the sound box for dancing! Once we arrived the many hands helped carrying all the items up the hill to our picnic location whereupon the cook started up the fire and had breakfast and tea was underway very quickly to satisfy the hungry tummies :-) Then of course dancing and playing unfolded the next hours along with the walk down to the lake to explore the fish and nature. With many hands helping our cook prepare the fried chicken, chicken hot pot, mushroom, cauli, paneer, achar papadam, rice and more we truly had a feast (both lunch and dinner). Plus our graduates (Sabin, Pritam, Rita, Asha & Sawaswati) organised a surprise birthday cake for Mamu Sarada's birthday which added to the fun and excitement of the day! We finally at sunset packed everything back into the bus, including some very tired wee monkeys, and headed home. Very satisfied that we have added some more wonderful memories to our lives 💕