First Stone ceremony of our Annapurna Eco Village

Written by Kira Kay on .

YaY❣️ We celebrated the "First Stone" ceremony of our Annapurna Eco Village Building project which will be our Forever Home to our Annapurna Children Home here in Pokhara, Nepal. This project has been a dream in the making for several years as many of you will already know :-) Now the real life building steps will be unfolding over the next months and years to bring into reality longterm housing for our children and mothers on our organic farmland 💕 So many people have been important contributors to this creation 💕 On November 14th at 9.15am (an auspicious date/time according to our vedic Astrologer guru) we gathered on the building site with members of the local community of Batulechour, who have been long term supporters with special guests Krishna Thapa & Beni Basnet, (also long term supporters!) along with the gentleman who kindly sold us the land and believed in our vision plus our architect building team from Abari, Nripal & Asmita, to bear witness, bless and open the building process. It was heart touching to listen to the speeches made in support of our vision, encouraging us to continuing building this dream - literally now! While we prepared the location for the blessing the Abari team continued the important process of laying out and marking the initial building sites so the blessing occurred in conjunct with the first real action unfolding. This is a truly important dream/vision for myself and Sarada - as we have cared for and loved the children under our protection the past nearly 14 years we have hoped and dreamed of providing a Forever Home that will continue to provide safe sanctuary. We hope to also provide a healthy building example to our local community by using as much as possible eco-friendly materials and earthquake resilient methods as well as a beautiful Home for our children. It will take time to complete this vision and continued helping hands will be required but for right now, this step, my heart is deeply and proudly content. Thank you to everyone who has made this step possible, may you feel this profound blessing along with us!