Jutpani Shree Uday Savings & Credit cooperative journey

Written by Kira Kay on .

2006 began a journey of women (in Jutpani village, Chitwan, Nepal) being supported by HandswithHands to find their empowerment through a combination of microcredit, skills training and encouraging mentoring. This photomontage captures glimpses of the evolution of this Shree Uday Savings & Credit cooperative 2006 to 2019. This project began with 25 participants and now involves hundreds. Children have grown up and now are participating and contributing members. Shree Uday Savings & Credit Cooperative is now an important part of their local village community and recognised as a positive example in the District by the Chitwan Cooperative office. Initiated by Kira Kay; facitited by Shila Pandey & Ram KC; funded by HandswithHands and empowered by the many women in Jutpani village 💕

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