Our Annapurna Children are doign very well in this COVID-19 crisis

Written by kira Kay on .

Like everyone around the world we are confined to being "home" and taking care to wash hands and be healthy during this COVID-19 virus time. We are very HAPPY🥰 that we already have a good system of hygiene and cleaning  Plus with children in different ages we can continue home school work as older children teach the younger ones. But the very best is our 3 acres farm that is providing us with vegetables and grains - today we were harvesting (as farming is allowed as an essential service) and of course our cows giving us milk and curd - we are so lucky! The activity of harvesting is good for our children learning essential life skills as well some fun and physical exercise. We hope that all our friends and families stay healthy and safe during this time. Thank you to everyone who supports us, without your help we would not feel so safe and comfortable in this time if crisis.