Sawaswati graduation

Written by Kira Kay on .

We are so very happy to congratulate Sawaswati on her graduation as an Army cadet! “Dearest Sawaswati, may you have a fulfilling and successful career and make deep friendships and discover your strengths and gifts in your life ahead. We love you and we are proud of you!”

Sawaswati was one of our first children at Annapurna Self Sustaining Children Home and we have supported her through school education and completion of the SEE and most recently through the Army officer training academy. With this opportunity Sawaswati now has a real career and opportunity to create a successful life for herself. We are also delighted that she continues to give back to our Home with her time and energy and of course joining us for “Family” festivals. It is with real joy that we witness our children graduate into responsible adult lives – this is the outcome we aspire to with all our children.