Eldest daughter Aasha’s wedding

Written by Kira Kay on .

With great JOY we celebrated the wedding of our eldest daughter Aasha. “Dearest Aasha, we are so proud of all your achievements, graduating school, completing your nursing qualification, and finding a permanent job nursing in the hospital and now this next big step in your adult life - marriage. We all wish the very best for you and your husband. We celebrate you and shower you and your beloved with love and good wishes!”

Aasha was one of our first children at our Annapurna Self Sustaining Children Home. We have supported her through childhood education and then 3+ years of nursing training. Now we witness Aasha successful and respected in her career and embarking upon marriage with a lovely man from the local village. We truly feel a sense of full circle, especially as since her nursing graduation Aasha has returned and directly inspires our other children, always available for medical support and joining our festive days and helping out on her days off. This is truly a sustainable outcome!