Veronika Kloucek, (London, England)

Nepal has been an unforgettable, deeply touching and life changing experience. I still feel moved by the heart warming and honest nature of the people, the stunning nature and silent magic of the Himalayas and the colourfulness and richness I have experienced in Nepal. I came to visit my friend Kira and her projects and to do a trek together with a group of friends from all over the world. The tour started with a warm welcome of Kira's Nepali friends in the buzzing city of Kathmandu and took us to Pokhara, where we spent a wonderful afternoon playing with the children in Self-sustaining Orphan Home.

The next day we started our 10 days trek into the fascinating mountains of the Annapurna region. Every day was a new adventure, opening a completely different view on the magical mountain range as well as a new adventure on my inside. Even in the most remote areas where comfort as we know it does not exist at all, there was always a smile and a welcoming invitation. In the vastness and silence of the Himalayas live unfolded in all its beauty and depth.

Our journey took us then south where we were invited to visit Micro Finance projects near Chitwan. Feeling deeply moved in my heart by meeting these women, men and children. In midst of this nowhere, where it takes 2 hours to get some water, there is no complaint and life is celebrated through simple living. It made me think a lot about life in our western consumer civilisation. I am very grateful for this eye and heart opening journey that certainly had a big impact on how I live my life and made me realize what giving back really means.

Veronika Kloucek from London writes about her trek in April 2006