Egon Castlunger (Zurich, Switzerland)

Information:for me the quick answers, and information you gave me per email were good and detailed. I could organize my trip-luggage appropriately.

Arriving in Nepal: Also good. I had a pleasant arrival to the basis hotel in Kathmandu. The transport from the airport and picking up was well organized.

From the first day on I felt in good hands, in the sense that there I felt a certain sense of responsibility and caring towards the group. What I understood very quickly is that in Nepal especially it is wise to be ready to change the plans for a series of reasons; for example the postponing of the official start of the Trek because one person was delayed arriving to Nepal, So, a guide, a group leader must be ready each moment for new decisions. And with this topic it was fine. Babu (our guide) was pretty sensible and fine to be with. He was always listening carefully to each members need or complaints. Never under pressure or stress. It would be great to have him within the next trek. 

A final thought: This was my first Himalayan experience, and not the last. That's for sure! I feel very lucky and thankful to have been part of Kira's charity trek. The mixture of trekking, nature, mystic, different cultures, visiting charity projects, was so rich, so touching and deep. I have learned a lot from it, and am looking forward to be part of a next trip soon!