Coen Volker (Amsterdam, Holland)

The Langtang Charity Trek was a wonderful experience for me. I love the mountains in Nepal, the fresh air, stunning views and inspiring people. We had snow, sun and the delight of clear skies.

It is one of the few places where the sense of stillness is abundant to me. During this trek I felt this stillness specifically strong around the Gosainkund lakes. These are amazing sacred lakes at 4500 meter.  It was like the air there was at peace with itself. The nights were cold but the days were shining and warm.

The trek is also an opportunity to exchange ideas with other volunteers around the many projects of Nepal. There is so much to do in Nepal and when we join hands great things may happen. At the end of the trek we were also kindly invited by Hands with Hands to visit a school with its teachers and a new orphan home with it’s orphans.  I find these people of Nepal such pleasant company. They have a playfulness and a sensitivity which is inspiring. I can recommend Nepal for everyone and I will come back for sure.